10 Types of False Lashes that a Wannabe Makeup Artist Should Know

10 types of false eyelashes (2)

Not everyone can apply false lashes properly, but, all of us love them. For those who can’t apply them, my advice is to try first the half lashes as they are easier to apply. In the beauty market, you can find lashes and lashes… but do you know which type of false lashes is the best for you? Keep reading to be prepared for the next lashes shopping time. If you want to learn step-by-step makeup you have to know how to choose the best falsies for you

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10 Types of False Lashes

Individual lashes

Professional makeup artists are able to mix and match the lengths and create the volume that they want or fill any gap. Either we are doing a natural or a drama makeup; both are achievable with the individual lashes!

Strip Lashes

You can find natural and glamorous strip lashes.

Half or ¾ Lashes

If you want to achieve a more romantic look without going too much drama, consider purchasing the half lashes, besides it’s easier to apply than the full strip and you will have a natural finish.

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10 types of false eyelashes (2)

Lower Lashes

If you want more volume or length on your bottom lashes wear those little creations. But you need to be careful because they might look a little bit fake if you will not apply eyeliner or eyeshadow on your lower eyelid.

Magnetic Lashes No.1

The new makeup trend, easy to apply and you can find them in natural and glam style. Extra bonus, to their glue, which can be used as eyeliner.

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Magnetic Lashes No.2

Have you found difficulties on applying falsies? Try this type.

Full Volume Lashes

Full volume lashes are suitable for special occasions and photo shooting, that you want to be more glamorous.

Long to short Lashes / Cat Eye Lashes

Natural and bold at the same time, those lashes are created for the beauty junkies that want to achieve the winged effect either you’re going to walk on a red carpet or for a drink. Suitable for foxy and cat-eye makeup looks.

Mink Lashes

Bold and dramatic. Ideal for creative makeup.

Natural lashes

If you want more volume but a very natural effect, choose a full strip of real human hairs.

10 types of false eyelashes (2)
10 types of false eyelashes (2)

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