13 Hair hacks every girl should know

Having gorgeous hair every single day is a girl’s dream and with this, in mind, I had to reveal 13 hair hacks for girls that are so easy that you can call them lazy but also you will end up having a stunning look.

Either as makeup addicts, the makeup and skincare rituals are taking the most of our time, or we are late anyway or you may going to school yet and you don’t have enough time. However, the clock is running and we need to make our hair fast, right?


Hair hacks every girl should know

1. Dry Shampoo

Ok, we know that you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to wash your locks or they get oily very fast. Don’t worry, use dry shampoo and you will look amazing.

2. DIY Dry Shampoo

For blondes: use just a little bit of corn flour

For brunettes: mix a little bit of corn flour and cocoa powder

Extra tip: If you want to go a little bit further, add to your mixture few drops of eucalyptus essential oil (for hair growth).

3. High Ponytail

We are in love with ponytails’ hacks!! When you will do a ponytail, divide your ponytail in half with your fingers and flip your hair back. Hold this section on the top of your head. Put the 2 bobby pins to create hair volume.

Tip: Run out of bobby pins? Use a small hair claw.

13 hair hacks every girl should know

4. Flyways

Spray on a new toothbrush a little bit of hairspray and brush softly the areas with flyways.

5. Bobby pins #part 1

If you want the bobby pins to hold better your hair, turn them upside down and then use them!

6. Bobby pins #part 2

Before you will use a bobby pin, spray it with hairspray for a stronger hold.

7. Quick curls for lazy girls

Take your curls iron, pull up in a ponytail and then divide and conquer. Take out the ponytail and voila!

8. Oily hair

Mix in with your regular shampoo 1 teaspoon of baking soda and wash them with lukewarm water. Rinse your hair with this mixture once to twice a week. (Avoid this hack if you colored your hair)


9. Sexy Beachy Waves #part 1

Make a low braid, and then heat it up by pressing a flat iron in order to create sexy beachy waves.

10. Sexy Beachy Waves #part 2

Take an empty spray bottle, fill the bottle with water and add 3-7 tablespoons of sea salt. Shake well before use.

11. Frizzy morning hair

Sleep on a satin pillow case.

12. Perfume on hair

Yeah! The perfume will stay longer on your hair but do not overdose or spray directly on your hair because it can make them a little bit dry. Spray on your regular comb, and brush your hair for a nice lovely smell. Have in mind that you can find hair perfumes and mists

13. Too much hairspray?

You have to go to a wedding or to a special occasion and you’ve used too much hairspray to hold your hair in place… When you will go back home, do not brush them! Apply coconut oil on your hair and make a gentle massage on your scalp, leave this amazing oil overnight and wash it well with warm water the next morning. Remember that you may need to shampoo your hair 3 times before you will continue with the conditioner, in order to remove the oil.

13 hair hacks every girl should know
13 hair hacks every girl should know

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