4 Quick Fixes For Your Makeup Products (Alternative)


Either you have affordable or luxury products, if they have been broken last minute you want to fix them and not drive to the stores and get some new products. The 4 Quick Fixes For Your Makeup Products will be very helpful for every makeup junkie!

4 Quick Fixes For Your Makeup Products (Alternative)

Powder/blush/eye shadow explosion

If your favorite powder or blush has been broken, no worries!! Smash the entire product and add 1-2 drops of pure alcohol and stir well with the opposite side of a spoon. Add more alcohol if needed but DO

NOT overdose otherwise it will crack after it will dry out!!!! Prefer to add one by one drop just to be sure that you will not mess up. Smooth down the product by applying a handkerchief on it and press it hard. Use it immediately, if you are in a hurry, but is better to refrigerate your powder for 1-3 hours immediately.

4 Quick Fixes For Your Makeup Products (Alternative)

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Broken Lipstick

If you are in a hurry, use the second part (which is attached to the lipstick box; ) or apply your lipstick with a brush and then burn the one part with a lighter a bit and combine the two parts by holding them for 10-

30’’. Refrigerate for 1-3 hours.

Is your Cream Eyeliner Drying and Dying?

You can bring it back to life again. Add boiled water to a small mug (1-2cm or a tiny bit shorter than the eyeliner’s package) and let the eyeliner to sit for a little bit in the water (as the water will cool down, replace it with boiled 2-3 times), then add 1-2 drops of coconut oil in your eyeliner and mix it well. Add 1-2 more coconut oil drops if needed. Let it cool down or use it immediately. It will be like brand new without losing its intensity.

***The key is on how much coconut oil it needs, you have to try it by yourself as brand by brand or dryness by dryness differs. I recommend, as always, adding drop by drop.

Clumsy Mascara, Dry Cream or Liquid Eyeliner

The only way to save them is by adding few drops of contact lenses solution, shake or mix well and voila.

4 Quick Fixes For Your Makeup Products (Alternative)
4 Quick Fixes For Your Makeup Products (Alternative)

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