5 Hacks for How to make your Eyelashes grow thicker and longer Naturally!

We all love the strong, thick, and long eyelashes. Personally, my eyelashes are long, but not as long as I wanted them to be and not as thick as they should be. However, I was searching and trying different remedies for a long time… Finally, I came up with my own ways on how to grow eyelashes and I think its time to tell you my secret for perfect eyelashes, isn’t it?

Have in mind that you need few weeks to see noticeable results, as the eyelashes’ circle is 4 weeks.

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How to Grow your Eyelashes

1) Nourish

You have to nourish your lashes deeply in order to give them the boost that they need. Try not only, to avoid mascara (or get one that can nourish), but also the eyelash curler, because they may make your lashes dry and weak.

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2) Coconut oil

Before you go to bed, clean any excess mascara that may be left after the makeup remover, with coconut oil.

Just put a tiny amount of it and massage your lashes and eyelids with your fingers (it will help them grow faster, as this improves the blood circulation). Wipe out the coconut oil with a cotton pad.

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3) For thicker eyelashes use:

Take an empty mascara tube and add equal amounts of castor oil, Vaseline, Olive oil (a really tiny amount otherwise it will hurt your eyes), and Jojoba oil. Apply twice per day. **

4) For longer eyelashes use:

Take an empty mascara tube and add equal amounts of almond oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Vaseline. Apply twice per day. **

** Remember to wait 10-30 minutes before you apply your mascara in order to give them the time to absorb the vitamins/ benefits.

5) Extreme tip:

Once or twice per week apply a mixture with egg white and Vaseline.

grow your eyelashes
grow your eyelashes
grow your eyelashes naturally

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