Clarins – Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 105 30ml (REVIEW)


How your skin looks flawless? A well-designed skincare routine is a hero behind the scenes, but sometimes the ideal foundation is also playing a vital role. Foundation industries have developed unique formulas, creamy, powdery, liquid in order to create the ideal product for each one of us. In this article, you will read my review and thoughts about the Clarins – Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15.

Clarins – Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 105 30ml (REVIEW)

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However, before jumping into the review I want you to know why you need to wear foundation. Unfortunately, we are living in a world that air pollution and toxins are almost everywhere, so the foundation will create a barrier between them and your skin. A perfect foundation will make blemishes look less noticeable if not be visible at all ( depends on how you will use concealers, the coverage of the foundation, etc), the large pores will be less visible, it evens the skin tone and boosts your confidence!

Clarins – Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 105 30ml (REVIEW)

Clarins – Extra-Firming is a High-End liquid foundation that I have purchased more than one time. It might not be the best foundation that I’ve tried but I still love it!


Clarins has made a great color choice. Royal Red with white text, minimal as it should be.

The foundation has been placed in blurred-glass tube; with white text. It is quite nice and gives you the idea that it will blur flaws.


It is not firming as it says, just a tiny-tiny bit, but its formula gives a younger-looking complexion. However, it has a lovely smell and makes the skin smoother. Unfortunately, it has very light coverage. Easy to apply either with a beauty blender or a brush.


Formula: 7/10
Price (€45.00 – $53.00): 5/10
Application: 10/10
Longevity: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Worth the Hype? YES

Clarins – Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 105 30ml (REVIEW)
Clarins – Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 105 30ml (REVIEW)

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