Do The Cosmetics Expire? – Cosmetics Expiration Dates

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An often mistake and a usual question is “Do the cosmetics expire? A quick answer is Yes, cosmetics have expiration dates.

What happens to cosmetics

The consistency of your cosmetics is changing over time, and they stop by being smooth and blendable as they should. Their molecules are breaking down and your skin, unfortunately, will react to it. In the best case will be just an irritation and in the worst scenario it can lead to inflammation and goes on.


Saving money by still using expired makeup products is not a good idea.

When they expire when they have been opened

Store them in a cool and dry place and approximately they will last as the list below

Lipstick  1-2 years

Lip gloss  1- 1 ½ years

Foundation  1- 1 ½ years

Concealer 1- 1 ½ years

Mascara up to 6 months

Eyeliner up to 6 months

Creamy based products 1- 1 ½ years

Powder products 1- 1 ½ years

However you can check to find the icon on your product that indicates the expiration date. The number in the box (see cover photo) refers to months.

when cosmetics expire
do cosmetics expire
cosmetics expiration dates

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