Find Out The Top 2 Best Eyeliners In the Market


One of the top makeup searches is about eyeliner. In this post, you will find the top 2 Best Cream Eyeliners. They have a cream formula, easy to use. Create the best eyeliner looks, without smudging. Both are waterproof. We totally recommend them.

Best Cream Eyeliners

Elf Cream Eyeliner

The Elf cream eyeliner dries slightly quickly and I have to work it quickly but I love the consistency. It sets in few seconds, which is a plus for me! I have bought the black one – but also is available in blue, brown and white – and I have to note that it is very intensive. It comes with a small brush, but I use mine which is longer and makes a more précised application. It is waterproof and lasts from morning until night, and I love also using it on the waterline.

A makeup with the Elf Cream Eyeliner

Formula: 9/10
Price($6.00): 10/10
Application: 9.5/10
Longevity: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9.4/10
Worth the hype? Yes


The Mac eyeliner does not dry so quickly as the Elf one, has more density, but it easy to use as well. I have it Black, but it is available in dark brown, black, deep brown, violet and grey.

However, has high longevity throughout the day, and because of the formula, I love using it for my eyebrows as well. Waterproof, smudge-proof, and ideal for waterlines as well. That’s why it couldn’t be outside of the list of the 2 best cream eyeliners.

A makeup with the Mac Cream Eyeliner

Formula: 9.8/10
Price($20): 9/10
Application: 9.7/10
Longevity: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9.4/10
Worth the hype? Yes

best cream eyeliners
best cream eyeliner ever
best cream eyeliners

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