How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – 6 Quick Fixes

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – 6 Quick Fixes - eyebags cover

The following article will help you to reduce and prevent eyebags with some well-known and alternative ways. So, if you wondering “how to get rid of bags under my eyes” then keep reading…

Firstly let’s understand what eyebags are

Bags under eyes — puffiness — are common as we are getting old. The tissues and the muscles around your eyes are weakening. With aging, the normal fat that supports our eyes is shifting into the lower eyelid. Consequently, this causes the eyelid to be puffy. However, the lower lid can also collect fluid that causes swelling.

It is important to note, that in most cases this puffiness or swelling is not something to be medical concerned about, however, you can advise your doctor. Usually is a cosmetics hypothesis. I have gathered for you some easy hacks to follow in order to get rid of them as fast as you can.

In rare cases, the persistence of puffiness can be removed by surgery. I usually do not recommend cosmetic surgeries, but this is really up to you. If this affects your psychology, then go for it! Nevertheless, try for a quite amount of time the below hacks first. Have in mind, that Cosmoenergy Healing can help you too. So, consider first trying the hacks, then the alternative (spiritual) healing, and as the last solution the surgery. Remember that you have nothing to lose with the first two options.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – 6 Quick Fixes - eyebags

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Go water.

If you are eating salty dishes or crying (hope from laughing) the puffy eyes will appear to you too. Drink pure water to drive away from the salt concentration and avoid salt, alcohol, and coffees for 1-2 days. Besides the water is the easiest way for detoxifying your body.

Essential oils.

Hence, it may be a seasonal allergy alert to you. Try essential oils for allergies in order to manage and prevent them.

Go cold.

It is well known that cold has the amazing benefit to soothe our eyes. You can reduce the bags by placing a cold cucumber. If you will go to bed late chill in the refrigerator a spoon for 5’, then place it for 30’’ on each “eye bag” and go to sleep, repeat the cold spoon in the morning, if necessary.

Take It Easy with the Salt.

Salt is well-known that is linked with fluid retention and leads to puffiness around the eyes. Use a little bit of pure Himalayan sea salt, if needed. Do not use the regular one.

Moreover, you can replace salty dishes with fresh vegetables. For example, celery helps to reduce your desire for salt.

Cut cigarettes.

Smoking not only dries out and aging your skin, but also the chemicals in the cigarette can cause irritation around the eyes.

Sleep position.

Have you heard that your sleep position may cause eye bags? Sleeping on your sides or on your belly can cause fluid build-up around the eyes. Consider sleeping on your back to prevent it. A good choice will be if you use a contour pillow.

Cosmoenergy Healing

The sessions with Cosmoenergy Healing promote the complete harmonization of the body and soul. The deep cleansing of the energy fields (chakras) with specific energy channels, which only an initiated Healer knows and is allowed to open and use, the benefits are innumerable. If the energy around our body (aura) is pure, the chakras are fully harmonized and then we can cure various diseases, allergies, and much more. Improve the state of mind and consequently the overall quality of life.

However, from the first session, you will feel the negative energy accumulate and go away along with lower emotions that may have possessed you or even be possessed as anger, aggression, fear, jealousy, etc. The healer can get rid of your addictions such as alcohol, feelings of loneliness, suicidal tendencies, etc. Moreover, in place of negative emotions and toxic situations will take place self-development, the will to live since your energy centers will be fully harmonized. etc.

More info

Have in mind that as you will start experiencing changes in the energy field, your body will start changing, your overall health will be better than ever, and yes this includes your skin too and can be the answer to the question “How to get rid of bags under my eyes”! If you would like to book a session or you have questions about Cosmoenergy Healing please contact me via the CONTACT US page and under the option ” This is related with * ” choose the topic “Cosmoenergy Therapies” or send a message to the Facebook page The Wellness of Cosmoenergy Cyprus – Η Ευεξία της Κοσμοενεργητικής Κύπρο.

Τhe sessions can be done from distance too.


The plastic surgery that I was talking about at the beginning of this post is called blepharoplasty. It can be a solution for drooping eyelids too. If the bags under your eyes are a big concern to you and affect your mood extremely negative then book an appointment with the best plastic surgeon that you can find.

A good doctor can improve their appearance a lot if not completely. Blepharoplasty can be done with an outpatient procedure with sedation or general anesthesia. After the whole procedure, you can expect eye dryness, bruising, and swelling. However, this is completely normal and should go in few days and the recovery must be finished in approximately 2 months. However, the results should be visible earlier, but you can talk about all these and much more with your doctor as people from people differs and your doctor may have a new technology method that can minimize the recovery time…

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – 6 Quick Fixes - eyebags
How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – 6 Quick Fixes - eyebags

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