How to make Lipsticks with crayons – Does this trend worth your time?

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As a Makeup Artist, I love lipsticks, and probably you too! Usually, a good lipstick is costing between 10 -30€. However, I also love experiments and trying alternative ways to do something. DIY ideas are fun to create and much-much cheaper than the original product itself; You can create a color that you may run out of it or create your own unique color. But, how to make Lipsticks with crayons? Does this trend worth your time?

Nevertheless, keep scrolling to read how to do them and my final thoughts.

How to make Lipsticks with crayonsRecipe

how to make Lipsticks with crayons

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You need:

  • One (non -toxic) crayon (cut it into few pieces)
  • ½ tsp of organic coconut oil
  • 1 drop of avocado oil
  • A Pyrex bowl
  • A cutting board covered with a paper towel
  • A pot to boil water in
  • A stirring tool
  • A mold to put your DIY lipstick


Firstly, boil (app. 3-5 cm height) water in a small to a medium pot. Secondly, put the Pyrex bowl in the pot. Thirdly, add the crayon to the bowl and stir it until it will completely melt, then add the rest ingredients and stir until they will be well combined. Lastly, add the mixture in a mold (you can re-use an old lipstick tube or an old eyeshadow palette) and let it cool. Voila! A non-toxic and nourishing lipstick in any color you love!!

Overall Thoughts about how to make Lipsticks with crayons

It is definitely fun to do it and maybe for kids can an amazing craft. But (obviously) it doesn’t last and you may need few coats in order to get a nice color because it lacks pigmentation, and after few minutes the lipstick will start smudging. So as an overall: for lipsticks, it doesn’t worth your time, for fun yes.

how to make Lipsticks with crayons
how to make Lipsticks with crayons

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