Makeup Trends 2021 According To Paris And New York Fashion Weeks


Paris, Milan, London, and New York Fashion weeks were adapted to Covid-19. Hence, they have created some of the best runway shows. The creativity is at the top, as always, and the makeup trends for spring/summer 2021 were revealed.

A designer duo from Paris has found an extravagant way to add the little gems on models’ faces without even touching them. Chanel and Dior’s cosmetics were played a vital role in the Fashion Weeks.

For one more time, the minimal has won. In detail, the sophisticated black smoky, simple eyeliner looks and natural glow with flushed cheeks are the new makeup trend for 2021 according to Paris Fashion Week.

These come a little bit In contrast to New York’s Fashion Week. Although, minimal was adapted by all makeup artists, a pop of color was added to the natural glow.

Add to your cart nude and bold lipsticks too, nothing in between.

You can see below some of the best makeup moments in both Fashion Weeks.

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