What hairbrush should I use – A hairbrush Guide

what hairbrush should I use

Different brushes for different purposes, so why not have a hairbrush guide? Haircare and skincare must be two of our top priorities. But are you thinking, ” what hairbrush should I use?”

If you love your hair, you need to invest in professional shampoos and conditioners. However, when I am saying invest, I do not mean to spends tons of money. Your hairstylist can suggest professional shampoos at a variety of prices, but of course, this also depends on how healthy is your scalp.

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Personally, from the day that I have started buying professional shampoos and conditioners, my hair is much much better. Currently, I am using Lanza’s Healing Shampoo and Conditioner as Antonia Vokorokou, Professional Hairstylist at Elements has suggested to me because I have experienced a weird bleach some time ago… Nevertheless, I have to note that I am quite happy with how soft is my hair now.

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what hairbrush should I use

What hairbrush should I use?

Mixed Bristle Brush

It distributes natural hair oils

Synthetic Bristle Brush

Smooth down your hair, shape and polish them

Wooden-Bristle Brush

This brush act like a masseur for scalp, it stimulates hair growth

Rattail Comb

Ideal for parting hair and smooth strands

Wide Tooth Comb

Detangle wet hair

Paddle Brush

For detangling long straight hair without frizing them

Teasing Brush

Add volume to your hair and smooth

Detangling Brush

This brush removes knots out easily

Vented Brush

Ideal for a quick blow drying and create great volume

Metal Round Brush

For amazingly fast blowout, lower hair volume and great curls

Natural Bristle Brush

Create scalp stimulation and smooth your hair

Round Brush

Use this brush to smooth short hair, curl them and style your lovely bangs

what hairbrush should I use
what hairbrush should I use

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